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MYKA Christmas

You will find Sparkling Christmas Gifts for all of the Myka ladies on your list. Don't leave it up to Jolly Old Saint Nick, he's got a lot on his plate!

E2597 - Medium Teardrop Euroback Earrings, Additional Colours Available - Pacific Opal

Bright Rhodium Medium Teardrop Euroback Earrings
Pacific Opal

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MFN6001 - Multifunction Necklace with Quartz Crystal, Additional Colours Available - Montana

Bright Gold with Crystal Quartz 3 Part Multifunction Necklace

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B2109 - Small Round 3 Row Bracelet, Additional Colours Available - Silk Combo

Bright Rhodium Small Round 3 Row Bracelet
Silk Combo

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BR2016 - Chain Bracelet with Large Teardrop, Additional Colours Available - Aurore Boreale

Bright Rhodium Chain with Large Teardrop Bracelet
Aurore Boreale

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B2102 - Small Square Bracelet, Additional Colours Available - Light Rose

Bright Rhodium Small Square Bracelet
Light Rose

$95.00 USD
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CH2016 - Chain With Large Tear Drop Crystals, Additional Colours Available - Crystal

Bright Rhodium Chain With Large Tear Drop Crystals

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E2376 - Small Square Euroback Earrings, Additional Colours Available - Jet

Bright Rhodium Euroback Earrings Small Square

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C2283 - Single Bar Necklace, Additional Colours Available - Siam Combo

Bright Rhodium Single Bar Necklace
Siam Combo

$79.00 USD
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C2290 - Multicolour Round Necklace, Additional Colours Available - Emerald Combo

Bright Rhodium Round Necklace Multicolour
Emerald Combo

$135.00 USD
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B6062 - Vintage Rectangle Bracelet - Siam

Ruthenium Multicolour Set Bracelet

$139.00 USD
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C6170 - Rectangle Necklace - Siam

Ruthenium Necklace - Rectangle

$86.00 USD
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E6345 - Vintage Rectangle Euroback Earrings - Siam

Ruthenium Euroback Earrings with Multicolour - Set

$39.00 USD
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