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MYKA Chandeliers

Explore the world of Myka Earrings - Simple and Elegant or Statement Making - an intriguing assortment of delightful earring designs in a multitude of shapes and size and adorned with Swarovski Crystals in every sparkling colour imaginable.

E8608 - Shepherd's Hook - Crystal

Antique Sterling Silver Shepherd's Hook

$45.00 USD Add to Wishlist
E1599 - Chandelier Earrings -

Antique Brass Chandelier Earrings

$38.00 USD
$ 65.00 USD Add to Wishlist
E1695 - Chandelier Shepherd's Hook Earrings - Aurore Boreale

Antique Brass Chandelier Earrings
Aurore Boreale

$45.00 USD Add to Wishlist
E1696 - Shepherd's Hook - Golden Shadow

Antique Brass Shepherd's Hook Earrings
Golden Shadow

$45.00 USD Add to Wishlist

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