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MYKA Retirement

Retiring from work is a life changing milestone. For all the hard work your retiring family, friend, or colleague has put in, celebrate them with Myka Jewellery.

B2102 - Small Square Bracelet, Additional Colours Available - Light Rose

Bright Rhodium Small Square Bracelet
Light Rose

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B2121 - Oval Bracelet, Additional Colours Available - Light Azore

Bright Rhodium Oval Bracelet
Light Azore

$149.00 USD Add to Wishlist
DPD2125 - Triple Oval Detachable, Additional Colours Available - Provence Lavender

Bright Rhodium Triple Oval Detachable Pendant
Provence Lavender

$89.00 USD Add to Wishlist
E2544 - Square Post Earrings, Additional Colours Available - Fuchsia

Bright Rhodium Post Earrings Square

$49.00 USD Add to Wishlist
E9204 - Baguette Euroback Earrings, Additional Colours Available - Light Smoked Topaz

Antique Sterling Silver Euroback Earrings Baguette Swarovski
Light Smoked Topaz

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C2283 - Single Bar Necklace, Additional Colours Available - Siam Combo

Bright Rhodium Single Bar Necklace
Siam Combo

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C2290 - Multicolour Round Necklace, Additional Colours Available - Emerald Combo

Bright Rhodium Round Necklace Multicolour
Emerald Combo

$135.00 USD Add to Wishlist
C9127 - Square Ring Necklace - Crystal

Antique Sterling Silver Necklace Square Ring Necklace

$125.00 USD Add to Wishlist

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