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MYKA Date Night

Mesmerizing Jewellery Designs for that 'Special' night out.

LC2001 - Leather Strand Necklace, Additional Colours Available - Black

Bright Rhodium Leather Strand Necklace

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E7362 - Small Crystal Rock Euroback Earrings - Crystal

Rose Gold Small Crystal Rock Euroback Earrings

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DPD2054 - Large Cosmic Detachable, Additional Colours Available - Silver Shade

Bright Rhodium Large Cosmic Detachable Pendant
Silver Shade

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DPD2244 - Large Crystal Snowflake Detachable, Additional Colours Available - Aurore Boreale

Bright Rhodium Large Crystal Snowflake Detachable Pendant
Aurore Boreale

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MFN7004 - Multifunction Necklace all Chain -

Rose Gold 2 Part Multifunction Necklace

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E2375 - Large Square Euroback Earrings, Additional Colours Available - Aquamarine

Bright Rhodium Large Square Euroback Earrings

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C2178 - Cosmic Offset Toggle Closure Necklace - Jet

Bright Rhodium Front Closure Necklace Cosmic Fancy Drop

$86.00 USD
$ 119.00 USD Add to Wishlist
CH7011 - Heavy Oval/Round Chain -

Rose Gold Oval Chain Choker

$75.00 USD Add to Wishlist
C6198 - Extra Small Round Drop Choker - Crystal

Bright Gold Extra Small Round Drop Choker

$79.00 USD Add to Wishlist

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