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Display Information

The following photos are examples of how to merchandise your Myka Jewellery.

• Merchandise each group separately, this will create a strong impact and present a ‘story’ and show your customers the overall concept of each group.
• Use the Myka branded display props, additional props can be ordered, see the “Display Materials Page”                
• ‘Layer’ the necklaces on the neckforms, shows your customers how to wear the designs and also allows for more necklaces to be displayed
• When layering place the chokers with drops on the bottom, at the longest length and then layer into the open spaces use the notches on the neckforms to hold the chain or beads into place
• The bracelet block can hold 2-3 bracelets or can be used to display earrings on the cards
• When using the Small Earring rack or t-bar earring stand we suggest keeping the earring cards in a plastic bag, kept by your packaging area and record on a label or sticker what earrings are on display so that easy reference can be made for price inquiries.
• If you are using in-counter displays we suggest that a solid colour of fabric is placed inside the display, white or black is best. No printed back ground as it distracts from the jewellery, Consider the jewellery “art” and the background a simple, clean “canvas”                
• Chokers and bracelets can also be layered in counter displays and have a nice effect

Slider Display and Boards

• When displaying your Myka Sliders, use the above shown display props; Myka Small Earring Stand, Myka T-Bars,Bracelet Block and the Slider-Display Board with Stand
• The Myka Small Earring Stand can hold 4-5 hoops per row, try showing one of each colour or design in ½ pairs, as this will allow you more room to show your assortment. The matching pair can be kept in backup stock in a plastic bag. Extra Sliders can be placed neatly in pairs or singularly on the bracelet block.
• The idea is to show your full assortment and for the customer to see that the sliders are separate from the hoops.
• Myka T-Bars are also a very useful prop and the hoops look great with sliders or without. Where ever you have your Myka Sliders displayed please ensure that you have the ‘Myka Sliders’ Poster either inside the case laying down flat or on top of the case as this will further demonstrate the fun features of the silders.

Large Earring Stands

• Excellent counter top point of sales displayer, which will increase your earrings sales. This displayer holds 40 single earrings or 20 pairs of earrings.
• To maximize space,(and show selection) we suggest you display 1/2 of each earring, and store the other half below counter in back up stock.
• Earring codes and prices can be noted on a label which can be attached to the back of each row. By displaying 1/2 earring you will reduce your chance of shrinkage while allowing for increased sales as a result of the top counter displayer

Chain Board

• A great solution to display your chains and necklaces in finished designs. We suggest layering by merchandising leather and beaded chokers lower down as shown with the chain chokers layered shorter inside.
• The base can be turned around to allow space for bracelets. If you have an in counter showcase, you can remove the base and place it at the top behind the displayer and lay the displayer flat inside the case.

Detachable Pendant Boards & Base
  • DPD boards come in 2 sizes SM for the smaller pendants and LG for larger pendants
  • Each base can hold up to 5 boards spread out as shown in the photo
  • Organize the smaller boards up front with the smaller dpd’s and then the LG boards in the back
  • These boards were designed to clean up and help organize your Dpd’s, they will allow you to show your assortment in a visually attractive manner and also will allow for easier handling of the Dpd’s
  • Tuck all of the hangtag labels behind the boards
  • Designed for in counter case or upright showcase on a shelf that is at ‘eye’ level
  • We suggest the when possible attach your Dpd’s to all of your chains and use this display prop for your additional Dpd’s
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