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Explore the world of Myka Earrings - Simple and Elegant or Statement Making - an intriguing assortment of delightful earring designs in a multitude of shapes and sizes. Adorned with Swarovski Crystals in every sparkling colour imaginable.

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  • Aura Post EarringsAura Post Earrings

    Aura Post Earrings

    US$ 55.00
  • Aura Riv Post EarringsAura Riv Post Earrings

    Aura Riv Post Earrings

    US$ 52.00
  • Aura-Check Post EarringsAura-Check Post Earrings

    Aura-Check Post Earrings

    US$ 55.00
  • Glacier Blue EarringsGlacier Blue Earrings

    Glacier Blue Earrings

    US$ 66.00
  • Julie Stud EarringsJulie Stud Earrings

    Julie Stud Earrings

    US$ 55.00
  • Val Euroback EarringVal Euroback Earring

    Val Euroback Earring

    US$ 59.00
  • Val Stud/PostVal Stud/Post

    Val Stud/Post

    US$ 44.00 US$ 29.00
  • Ali Euroback EarringAli Euroback Earring

    Ali Euroback Earring

    US$ 102.00
  • Ali HoopAli Hoop

    Ali Hoop

    US$ 44.00
  • Ali Post EarringsAli Post Earrings

    Ali Post Earrings

    US$ 109.00
  • Ali Stud EarringAli Stud Earring

    Ali Stud Earring

    US$ 44.00
  • Amy Stud/PostAmy Stud/Post

    Amy Stud/Post

    US$ 39.00
  • Anna Euroback EarringAnna Euroback Earring

    Anna Euroback Earring

    US$ 65.00
  • Anna Post/Stud EarringAnna Post/Stud Earring

    Anna Post/Stud Earring

    US$ 65.00
  • Anna SliderAnna Slider

    Anna Slider

    US$ 44.00
  • Aris EurobackAris Euroback

    Aris Euroback

    US$ 65.00
  • Ashley EurobackAshley Euroback

    Ashley Euroback

    US$ 65.00
  • Aura EurobackAura Euroback

    Aura Euroback

    US$ 65.00
  • Aura Stud/PostAura Stud/Post

    Aura Stud/Post

    US$ 65.00
  • Bardot EarringBardot Earring

    Bardot Earring

    US$ 69.00
  • Bistra EurobackBistra Euroback

    Bistra Euroback

    US$ 65.00
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