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About Us

Innovative Design

Innovative Design, clever engineering and Impeccable craftsmanship have been the cornerstone of the Myka Designs brand since our very first collection in 1987. Myka is focused on quality driven creative design , producing jewelry we are proud of and which our customers will wear, collect and treasure for many years.

Designed and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, Maja and Michael have successfully developed a team of skilled staff who continually maintain the ‘Myka’ quality standards while also maintaining the distinct ‘Myka’ look.

Myka Designs initial creative and production process is similar manner to that of fine jewelry, we begin with conceptual detailed drawings, which are then carved into wax ‘lost wax method’ or directly into white metal. Once these ‘models’ are approved by Maja & Michael they are then reproduced into various designs and cast in brass, stainless steel and lead free pewter. How are designs are made, our precise stone settings and the overall finishing of each piece all contribute to what sets our brand apart – we believe in the details.

Combining our unique castings with solid brass chains our designs are then electroplated with genuine rhodium, 18k Gold and Rose Gold and contain no nickel. Earring posts are titanium and sterling silver. Once plated our designs are finished with Swarovksi crystals, beads, pearls, semi precious stones and bohemian glass cabuchons. Using top quality materials we are able to create beautiful jewelry and maintain the quality standards which have attributed to the success of our Myka brand over past 28 years.

Myka Designs has been ‘Crystallized’ by Swarovski AG Austria, this acknoweldgement verifies that we use authentic Swarovski crystals, beads and even crystal pearls and that our designs have been approved for the Crystallized/Swarovksi Elements branding program. Continually raising the bar in all things ‘Myka’, we understand that a quality product needs to be supported with knowledgeable customer service to make the overall experience positive and rewarding. We offer a three year warranty in the event of a manufacturing related problem as well as a lifetime repair service program.

Quality craftsmanship is ingrained in our company philosophy and is the cornerstone in all that we do at Myka Designs. Consumer confidence has been the key to the success of our Myka Designs brand and we recognize the importance of standing behind the quality which we highly value.

Our Story

Drawn together during their Bachelor of Applied Arts Degree studies at Toronto’s Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Maja Ilic and Michael Bremer recognized their common appreciation for innovative design and natural business talents as a recipe for success. Combining Michael’s passion for quality workmanship and Maja’s love of design, the couple’s dream became a reality with the debut of the Myka Designs collection in 1987, when they turned their hobby into a part time business. Upon graduation in 1991, Maja and Michael pursued their vision to develop Myka into a full time business.

In 1992 this became a reality with a 75 store order from Ports International. The years to follow saw Myka Designs sold at notable retailers such as Holt Renfrew and Nordstrom’s and distribution in the UK, Germany and Russia. In 1996 Maja and Michael moved their business ‘home’ to the west coast of Canada. Today, ‘Myka’ is proudly designed and produced at the Myka Designs Inc. head o¬ffice and production studio in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

Innovative design, clever engineering and impeccable quality have been the cornerstone of Myka. Each piece of jewellery is hand made out of pewter to ensure the quality synonymous with the Myka Designs label. Collection after collection, Maja and Michael faithfully envision, draft and sculpt each piece of jewellery from concept to finished product. ‘Swarovski’ crystals, semi-precious stones, combined with a breathtaking variety of glass and crystal beads, enhance each signature piece. Now, a devoted clientele – hungry for originality and appreciative of their quality craftsmanship – anxiously await each new debut. Maja and Michael chose the road less traveled and have been greatly rewarded. 28 years later, the personal partnership and professional craftsmanship in Maja and Michael Bremer continues to grow. Living their ‘dream’ and energized by the success of Myka, Maja and Michael celebrate their journey and look forward to the future.

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