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To Our Loyal MYKA Customers:

You’ve known us as MYKA or MYKA Designs – a proudly Canadian company creating beautiful Swarovski Crystal and semi-precious stone jewelry of unmistakable design and unparalleled quality for the last 35 years.

Whether you shop MYKA at your local retailer, directly from our website, or you are part of our amazing Wholesale Customer Network spanning the globe – we truly value your love for MYKA and feel compelled to share the following information.

Our brand name MYKA, has been copied by another company, whom for legal reasons we cannot name.  All we can say is that they are using:

  • our exact brand name and logo for the purpose of selling their jewelry and advertising on Google and Social Media Platforms ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc.)
  • a very similar website address outside of Canada, while they have kept their original brand name and website address within Canada

Since many of you have already been contacted by them (we thank you for sharing this information with us) and in all the confusion, some of you may now be following them on Social Media – we wish to clarify our online channels:

Our Website
Facebook: @mykadesignsjewellery
Instagram: @mykadesigns
Twitter: @mykadesigns
Pinterest: @mykajewellery
Email: our Corporate Email addresses always end with

Only by using the above channels can you be sure that you are dealing with us – the original MYKA – and that you can count on the same quality of products and service that you have been accustomed to for well over three decades.

The original MYKA is:

  • a family run company in the business of designing and selling premium quality jewelry since 1987
  • proudly made in Canada and shipped globally: from USA to the UK, Europe, all the way to Africa, Australia and Asia


At the original MYKA we:

  • pride ourselves with excellent customer service, as evident in our loyal customer base, long-standing business relationships and our A+ rating with the BBB
  • pride ourselves with creating top quality designs, which we stand behind with transparency and honesty – our full contact information is listed on our website and we are always happy to hear from you

We started MYKA while we were Design School students, with nothing but enthusiasm, passion and a vision. To say that we have put our ‘hearts and souls’ into MYKA would be an understatement.  MYKA has been a huge part of our lives and we are so proud that our children, who have grown up on the shop floor, are now involved in the business and eager to carry on the legacy into the next 35 years and beyond.

We will continue to be that ‘little piece of luxury’ to help celebrate all of our Customers’ milestones and elevate their every day.

We will continue to be a trusted partner and an ally in commerce to all of our incredible loyal Wholesale Customers.

We will continue to employ amazing people who share our values and selflessly pour their energy into making MYKA what it is today.

For all these reasons and more, we are doing whatever we can, within our means, to protect and defend MYKA.

Should you wish to share anything with us or if you have questions or concerns, please contact us via email or phone.  We will be grateful to hear from you.


Maja & Michael Bremer
Creators of MYKA



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