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Turning of Seasons – A Time for Change – Fall Fashion Accessories

by | Nov 7, 2021 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

I have always felt lucky to live in a part of the World where we are graced by ‘The Changing of the Seasons’. Cooler, crisper days and the visually pleasing ‘turning of the leaves’; yellow, gold, copper, red, rust, brown…

‘Autumn or Fall’ for some, is a short but sweet time of the year. Soft Cozy Sweaters, Warm Textured Scarves, switching from Sandals to Boots.   Most important to me is Fall Jewelry, chunkier chains, longer layers, time to bring out the Khaki, Topaz,  and Smoked Quartz Crystals.  I love Summer but admit I do look forward to this change.  I love all of my Fall Accessories – especially my Jewelry because – hey I grew up in the 80’s & 90’s – more IS more!

Jewelry fascination aside, we know that our spirits/energy are so closely connected to Nature, full moons, changing of the tides, etc, etc.  As Mother Earth sheds and changes so should we.  A time to reflect and make whatever changes feel right.

I hope you take the time to walk in the leaves and enjoy the beauty of a Fall Day….wearing your Myka of course –  Yay to Fall Fashion Accessories!

Enjoy – Maja

Shown is our Estelle pendant in Light Smoked Topaz




  1. Helen Pariza

    Your designs are magnificent. You are a true credit to the fashion industry. I love your beautiful jewelry.

    • mykadesigns

      Hello Helen – thank you for your very kind words! We love creating MYKA and it is the praises of our customers that make all the efforts worth it!

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