I have always felt so lucky to live in a part of the World where we enjoy the changing of Seasons. Cooler, crisper days and the visually pleasing ‘changing of the leaves’ gold, copper, rust, brown….’Autumn or Fall’ is a short but sweet time of the year. Soft Cozy Sweaters, Warm Textured Scarves, switching from Sandals to Boots and with that my Fall Jewelry; chunkier chains, longer layers and time to switch out the Summer colored stones to Khaki, oranges, Smokey Topaz, Smoked Quartz and of course more Black! Aside from the physical appearance self care that is so important to us…our spirits are so closely connected to Nature and her changes. As Mother Earth changes so should we, a time to reflect and make some necessary changes as we head into Winter. I hope you take the time to walk in the leaves and enjoy the beauty of Fall….wearing your Myka of course!